SUNNYHEAT has developed in many years of research with the latest technical means an infrared heating specifically for animal breeding. What distinguishes it from an infrared lamp or an ordinary SUNNYHEAT heating? The SUNNYHEAT Agricultural heating is not meant to heat your entire stables, but only specifically where you need the heat - near by the animals. EA high energy savings is possible because you often do not need to heat up the animals, but only ensure that the animal does not lose its body warmth. The external temperature sensor from SUNNYHEAT helps you also. Targeted to where your animals stay, it ensures that the required temperature is possible precisely maintained.

Up to six agricultural heating are connected to an electronic box. In this is the electronic from the six panels integrated. Because of that, a simple maintenance is ensured. The control with the control element is simple via radio. Unlike the infrared lamps which are commonly used the Agricultural heating works with low temperature, therefore you can save energy and have no increased risk of fire! Due to the low air turbulence contrary to a gas heater, the toxic ammonia fumes will not easily dispersed in the air. A gentle and natural heating for animal and owner.

Technical data

  • Surface: Structure (Safety glass)
  • Frame: Aluminium (optional)
  • Voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Surface temperature: Variable between 0 and 180 °C
  • Control system: ECOcontrol
  • Operation: ECOcontrol, Alexa (optional)
  • Safety: Over temperature guard
  • Protection: IP55
  • Mounting: Ceiling mounting, mounting with SUNNYHEAT wall mounting angle

The SUNNYHEAT agricultural heating at one glance

  • Selective heating
    Different temperatures for young animals and older animals possible
  • No fire hazard!
    No increased fire hazard as in the case of positioning an infrared lamp
  • Easy installation
    Merely electricity and a power outlet is required
  • Fewer odour emissions
    No air circulation, fewer ammonia gas emissions through radiant heat
  • No dust circulation
    No air circulation, therefore less circulation of other particles
  • Precise temperature control
    Exact adjustment of the temperature to the desired temperature
  • Natural warmth
    Same infrared heat as from the sun
  • No maintenance costs
    No expensive maintenance work required
  • No evaporation in the air
    The infrared heat does not dry out the air

Article Format Glass color Frame Max. power
221103 60 x 120 cm white unvarnished 2000 W
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