SUSTAINABILITY is written in capital letters

SUSTAINABILITY is written in capital letters

Sustainability is an important concern and constant goal for us. As a development workshop, we in particular know that progress, technology and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive, but complement each other perfectly. Both as a family and as a family business, we therefore strive to do justice to this important topic. In the following points we briefly explain what we do.

  • Made and produced in Germany

    We develop, produce and design our products all in our factories in Germany.
  • CREA SYSTEMS pays taxes in Germany

    Our company locations are exclusively in Germany.
  • Materials from the region

    In order to avoid emissions from long transport routes and to keep the quality high, we try to source as many materials as possible from the region. We also value personal contact with our suppliers.

  • RoHs-compliant products

    We manufacture our products according to the RoHs standard.
  • Water-based colors

    Water-based inks are used for glass printing pictures.
  • Electrosmog reduction

    Our SUNNYHEAT products have been tested in accordance with DIN and certified as low in electrosmog.

  • CO²-neutral shipping

    We chose DPD as the parcel service provider. At DPD, every parcel is transported CO²-neutrally. Investments are made in certified climate projects to offset emissions. More on this.
  • RESY packaging

    We use licensed RESY packaging for SUNNYHEAT infrared heaters for shipping. RESY guarantees the entire disposal and material reuse of all transport and outer packaging made of paper and cardboard. In our other product areas, we try to reuse as much packaging as possible.

  • Climate-neutral printing

    You will find the imprint Climate-Partner on our promotional items and instructions made of paper. This means that this product was printed in a climate-neutral way. Climate-Partner invests in certified climate projects to offset emissions. For example, for forest protection in Brazil. You can use the ID to see which project has been invested in on the Climate-Partner website. Since 2019, every material we print has been printed in a climate-neutral way.
  • Recycling paper

    Instructions that we put in print are printed on recycled paper. The paper is certified with the blue angel.
  • LED lighting

    We have switched our lighting to energy-saving LED lamps in all buildings.
  • Climate neutral website

    Our website is climate neutral. By clicking on the Climate Partner logo, you can find out more about the project for offsetting emissions.
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