In the transition period from winter to spring, the heaters are often on in the morning even though it is already warm outside. The room is only heated because of the cold at night. Heating the room is actually not necessary because it heats itself up due to the warm outside temperature.

The SUNNYHEAT outside temperature sensor helps with this.

Technical data

  • Dimensions: 108 x 106 x 53 mm
  • Color: grey
  • Operation: ECOcontrol
  • Frequency: 868 Mhz
  • Power supply: 230 V
  • Protection: IP54
  • Mounting: wall mounting

Heating with all factors

The outside temperature sensor is installed outside the building and reports the current outside temperature to the SUNNYHEAT heating system.

You define a maximum outside temperature. If the outside temperature is higher than the maximum outside temperature, the SUNNYHEAT heating system no longer heats.

Especially in transitional periods, the outside temperature sensor offers you great energy-saving potential.

Article Name
221096 SUNNYHEAT outside temperature sensor
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